Guided Bird Walks at Red Rock State Park

The Bird Watching Tours are included with your park admission and take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The Guided Bird Walks are about 1-2 hours in length. Tour times change seasonally throughout the year.

Seasonal Bird Walk Times:
7:00 A.M. –June, July, August
8:00 A.M. –March, April, May, September, October, November
9:00 A.M. –December, January, and February

Bird enthusiasts and curious visitors to Sedona can join a ranger or volunteer for a guided bird walk which is suitable for beginners and advanced birders. Most year-round birds are found in the riparian area next to Oak Creek or at the edge of the field behind the Miller Visitor Center. The Audubon Society has designated Red Rock State Park as part of the Lower Oak Creek Important Birding Area (IBA) because of the many bird species that live or visit here.

bird-watchingHave you never birded before? No problem. We will teach you the basic principles of identifying birds by sight and sound. Birding is not just gazing at birds: It’s experiencing and connecting with the life cycles of the natural world and can quickly turn into a life-long passion. Birding is the fastest growing recreational activity in the United States and can also bring with it many other hobbies such as photography, videography, painting, or field sketching.

At Red Rock State Park, we think there is nothing more enthralling than being outdoors, recognizing a new or rare bird, and learning to identify individual birds by the behaviors they exhibit in the variety of habitats they inhabit.

What you should bring: Suitable clothing for the season, as early morning and afternoon temperatures in Sedona can fluctuate considerably. Although it is consistently warm, a light jacket and thin gloves can keep the morning chill at bay. Comfortable or sturdy shoes are a good option (it’s best not to wear flip-flops or high heels). 

You are welcome to bring your own binoculars if you’d like to get a close-up view of our feathered friends. As noted above, the hikes are intended for all levels of birders, including novices and first-time birders. We definitely get a good variety of birds, since we have pinyon/juniper habitat, and riparian habitat. Depending on the time of year, we also get quite a few migratory species, including many hummingbirds.

If you are taking the Sedona bird watching tour, you should meet with the tour leader on the viewing deck above the visitor center. In general, the walks usually last less than 2 hrs and you are welcome to peel off at any time to enjoy the park.  The hike start times change across the four seasons of the year.


If you are interested, you can find the dates and times for the Guided Birds Walks on the official website for Red Rock State Park.

Ladder-Backed Woodpecker


Gambel’s Quail


Northern Cardinal


Bridled Titmouse


Mourning Dove


Gambel’s Quail


Blue Grosbeak


Hooded Oriole


Great Blue Heron


Anna’s Hummingbird



Young Kestrels


Turkey Vulture


Spotted Sandpiper




Yellow-Breasted Chat


Lark Sparrow


Say’s Phoebe