Red Rock State Park Hiking Trails

Hiking trail at Red Rock State ParkThe 5-mile trail network consists of interconnecting loops which lead you through the lush greenery of Oak Creek and the famed red rocks of Sedona. These Sedona hiking trails are family-oriented and clearly marked for your safety and pleasure. The Eagle’s Nest Loop and the Apache Fire Loop are joined together by the Coyote Ridge Trail which creates one of the best trails in Arizona for family enjoyment. Eagle’s Nest is the highest point in the park with an elevation gain of 300′ and offers amazing views of the red rock escarpments that have helped catapult Sedona into a worldwide destination. These three major loops are connected along the riparian corridor by the Kisva Trail, which also leads up to the short loop of the Yavapai Ridge Trail. The Javelina Trail takes you into the pinyon/juniper woodlands and back to the other loops. Stop by the visitor center desk for detailed information before starting out on the trails, or visit the main hiking page for featured trail information. Bikes and horses are only allowed on designated routes.

Red Rock State Park may just offer Sedona’s best hiking trail experience! Numerous trails traverse the conservation park through high desert and riparian area-type landscapes. Animal sightings here are common, the diversity of the bird species is admirable, and the general “vibe” is inspired by the world-renowned red rock escarpments of Sedona. Trails are available for people of all abilities within this absolutely gorgeous destination, and this fall its golden leaves and fractured sunlight rain down over the trails, a must-see!

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Eagle’s Nest
1.53 miles — hikers only. No dogs, horses, or mountain bikes.

After exploring the visitor center, there are plenty of trail options. The Eagle’s Nest option leads hikers through the high red flats, through the riparian area of Oak Creek, and up a hill that shows a commanding view of the greater Sedona area. Seriously, the view from the top is one that should be experienced to truly appreciate. Although there is a slight incline for a section of the hike, this trail is still rated easy/moderate. The trail itself is well kept and wide, and there are birds, animals, and diverse vegetation along the way.

Apache Fire
0.78 miles — hikers only. No dogs, horses, or mountain bikes.

Mix some history into your hike…This scenic trail leads to the (currently closed) 1946 adobe-style home of Jack and Helen Frye which was once a main focal point of the Sedona area. The home famously blends with the red rock backdrop and sits on top of a hill that gives hikers amazingly beautiful views of the surrounding red rock and Sedona area. Crossing Oak Creek via Kingfisher Bridge leads visitors through an extremely scenic section of the riparian zone and supplies an opportunity to see the resident river otters playing in the creek. Don’t forget your camera (phone) for this hike, there’s plenty to see from this scenic Arizona hiking trail!

Kisva Trail
0.64 miles — hikers only. No dogs, horses, or mountain bikes.

A hike that’s perfect for the whole family! The Kisva Trail Loop directs hikers through the high desert flats of the park before delving into the shadows of the Oak Creek riparian zone. The possibility of seeing a wide variety of birds along the way is very good, especially in the large cottonwood trees near the creek. Hikers cross Oak Creek twice on this loop trail and skirt the base of nearby red rock covered hills. There’s plenty of photo ops along the way, don’t forget to tag our social media accounts when posting about your trip!