Benefactors’ Mission Statement

Educating to advance environmental literacy,
Awakening to eliminate nature-deprivation,
One child at a time.

More than 10,000 children fostered, since 2010.

Benefactors extend special thanks for the generous donations that support the School Connection Program.

Program Comments


“This was the best visit to Red Rock out of 4 years. Our ranger was friendly and great with the kids. Also, it was very informative.”
Erin Leckington, Verde Valley Christian School 2nd Grade

“This is a wonderful program that immerses kids in science. Thank you! We can’t wait to return next year.”
Cristina Poeppel, American Heritage Academy (Camp Verde) 3rd Grade

“I have coordinated over 30 field trips all over Arizona. This is by far my favorite to attend and plan. The rangers are knowledgeable, friendly, and patient. The programs have the perfect of amount of desk and hands-on learning time. Thank you Red Rock State Park!”
Rachelle Tiner, Classical Conversations

“A survey of the students after the trip revealed that of the 3 places we visited, 38 of the 49 preferred Red Rock over the other 2. You guys were wonderful and we look forward to coming back next year.”
Erin Endicott, Freedom Academy 7th Grade