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Benefactors of Red Rock State Park in Sedona Arizona

Experience Red Rock State Park

Arizona is uniquely rich in state and national parks. A traveler can spend weeks in the state touring nearly fifty sites noted for natural, archeological, and/or historical importance.

We encourage residents and visitors to take advantage of this banquet of experiences.

In particular Red Rock State park is a 286 acre nature preserve and education center that stands out as a unique destination.

**It’s a showcase of the ecological diversity and natural beauty of the Sedona area, with both riparian and high-desert eco-systems.

**It’s a place devoted to environmental education, not dry school-work lessons, but hands-on, eyes-on, on-the-trail learning with something exciting to see, feel, and take away for the curious of all ages.

**It’s a place that “walks–the–walk” of environmental responsibility from the choice of park vehicles, to minimum water-use strategies, to riparian and desert habitat protection, to firm pack-it-in, pack-it-out practices.

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