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MESQUITE LOOP TRAIL For those lacking time or mobility for a longer tour, the Mesquite Loop Trail by the parking lot is a short (1/8th mile), handicap-accessible trail which offers a sampling of the Park's flora and features interpretive signage.

Mesquite Loop Trail

JOAN HAMILTON SCHOLARSHIP: A $1000 per annum scholarship, renewed annually for four years of college, granted to an outstanding Sedona High School senior whose interests centered on natural science and the environment.

          Scholarship recipients:



Andrea Wunsch

Clemson University

Tyler Horchak


Andy Swarthout


SUNDAY LECTURE PROGRAMS: The Benefactors provide an honorarium to bring a speaker a month to the Park to talk on subjects as varied as “Sedona Through Time”, “California Condors in Arizona”,  “Fire by Friction: Pre-Historic Fire-Starting”, “Sinagua Archeology”, and “Astronomy of the Ancient Southwest”.

CONNECTION SCHOOL PROGRAMS: The Connection Program is Red Rock State Park’s environmental education program for young learners. Program activities are based on such resources as Project WILD, Aquatic WILD, Project Learning Tree, Arizona WET, GEMS, and many others. The Connection Program has been developed for students from first through twelfth grade in order to provide field activities in a natural environment.

The Benefactors have supplied much-needed teaching materials to this program

In the months of March, April and May of 2010 the Connection program served about 1400 school kids! The Benefactors footed the bill for a part-time ranger to manage the program and volunteers were kept extremely busy with teaching. But that is where their heart is: instilling in the children the sense of wonder about why the rocks are red, the various forms of life in the water and on land, how water shapes the earth, what you can find in an archaeological dig. And how man needs to respect Nature and take care not to destroy it.

INTERPRETIVE SIGNAGE UPGRADES: A substantial part of the Park’s educational message is carried by the interpretive signs placed throughout the property. The more signs, and the more information carried by the signs, the better. The Park is currently pursuing a major expansion and upgrade of its interpretive signage with Benefactors financial support.

MANAGER DISCRETIONARY FUNDS: The most important single asset of the Park is the time of the Park Manager and staff—and State Park small-item procurement procedures can eat up a lot of valuable time, or even discourage making the attempt. The Benefactors supply a small revolving fund to be used at the discretion of the Park Manager. Purchases from the fund have included volunteer achievement awards and events, office supplies, staff recognition awards, and staff travel and training expenses.

MULTI-MEDIA SYSTEM: After years of limping along with an antiquated system which severely limited the ability of the Park to deliver its educational message, the Benefactors in 2009 contributed a state-of-the art multi-media computer/video system to the Park. The system vastly simplifies and enhances the presentation of information by outside speakers, brings immediacy and drama to the school outreach program as well as to the visitor experience, and is a central aspect of volunteer and staff training.

Park management estimates this new system brings a substantial increase in the Park's capacity to deliver its educational messages.

ADVOCACY: During the Spring 2009 Arizona State Park funding crisis, members of the Benefactors attended and spoke before a number of State Park Board meetings, generated support letters from the Sedona City Council, Big Park Council,, and the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, and solicited letter and email support for the Park from Sedona citizens.

As the funding crisis deepened and the State Parks Board announced  closure dates for various State parks, Red Rock among them, the Benefactors sponsored a charter bus for 40 Park supporters form Sedona and the Verde Valley to participate in a Support Our State Parks Rally in Phoenix and to meet with our legislators to discuss the need for funding of the Parks.

Fighting for the Park’s Survival:  After the Park closure date of June 3 2010 was announced, the Benefactors launched a major fund-raising campaign to cover the projected difference of $160,000 between Park income and Park expenditures for the 13 months of June 3, 2010 (the Park’s announced closing date) to June 30, 2011, end of fiscal year 2010.  The Benefactors met the challenge, and kept the Park open.

WEBSITE: Created in 2009 to bring the educational and conservation message of the Park to a far wider audience. Take some time to explore us.



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