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Benefactors of Red Rock State Park in Sedona Arizona

About The Benefactors


“To support, promote, and enhance Red Rock State Park’s
mission of riparian habitat preservation, environmental
education, and natural recreation.”


In late 2003, Park volunteer leaders and staff saw the need to obtain outside funds for projects and activities that would not be funded by Arizona State Parks, and took initial steps to form a “friends” group for Red Rock State Park.

The group adopted the above mission statement, which includes a role as an advocate for the Park should the need arise.

The name “Benefactors of Red Rock State Park” was selected as one which best reflected the relationship of the organization to the Park.  The group established a founding Board of eight members and elected a set of officers.

In April, 2004, the Internal Revenue Service approved the Benefactors as a charitable organization under Section 501 (c) 3 of the code, which entitles members and/or donors to deduct membership fees or donations on their federal taxes to the extent allowed by law.

Who are the Benefactors?

Benefactors members include Park volunteers, and Sedona and Verde Valley citizens who see the Park as a unique local treasure which needs to be enhanced and protected. Since its founding, the Benefactors have raised over $200,000 on behalf of the Park.



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Benefactors of Red Rock State Park

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